Investing in the digital money market have taken over the world for quite some years now, it has opened doors for those who are not afraid to take risks with their money. Most risk-takers believe that to get to the top, you have to be willing to fall. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have allowed so many people to double their money by trading in the digital money market.


For those who are afraid of being ripped off their money in the financial market, there are automated trading platforms that were created solely to help you make money. Bitcoin Code is one such software that you are bound to come across and like every other trading platform, it promises a great trading experience and lots of profits. It is important to be careful when choosing a platform to trade from because the wrong platform will cause you lots of losses. It is imperative that you thoroughly check out a trading platform before using it and that is where our review of Bitcoin Code trading software comes in.

Bitcoin Code Reputation

Automated trading software came into the digital money market and took over because they offer far more profits and smoother trading experience. It is for this purpose that Steve Mckay who is a passionate software engineer invented the Bitcoin Code software and ever since, it has reportedly made millions for thousands of its users. Bitcoin Code is one of the oldest trading platforms since it was created way back in 2016, it remains on the list of the best trading platform because it has proven to be effective in its methods.

Bitcoin review Code Software currently boasts of a 95% success rate as it uses an advanced algorithm to decipher the best method for buying different trades on your behalf once you set your targets and choose your brokers, you only have to switch on the robot and then sit back and watch the profits roll in. there are several testimonies of users who have made enormous profits simply by trusting the website to deliver what it promised to do.

Bitcoin Code Salient Features

Verification Process

The verification system of the Bitcoin Code Trading platform is simple and secure. All it requires from its user is their full name, a working email address and contact information. The user is then required to confirm their email address through a mail sent to the provided email address. Once their email is confirmed, the registration process is complete.

  • Charges

There are no charges attached to trading on this automated software, there are no hidden charges whatsoever. The members are entitled to every last bit of their money as their profits are theirs and theirs alone, the terms and conditions a user has to agree to on the platform before becoming a full member states the commission the system takes when a user makes a profit with their assistance.

  • Customer Service

The customer service support of the Bitcoin Code trading platform is one of the appealing things about this software because it is available at any time of any day. This is in case a trader has any issue or question he/she may want to be addressed, Bitcoin Code aims to please its users round-the-clock.

  • Withdrawal

Bitcoin Code trading platform offers its users an easy and secure withdrawal method, a trader on the platform can send a withdrawal request at any time on the platform and it only takes 1 – 3 business days for a member to get the requested funds.

  • Security

The Bitcoin Code trading platform is secure and efficient because it protects your information and keeps it between the user and the broker. The trading software can be considered trustworthy as it’s far more reliable than many other automated trading bots in the market.

Account Types

Bitcoin Code Salient Features

Bitcoin Code trading platform offers a live trading account and a demo account to its members, it also offers two trading methods on the trading platform – assist mode and manual mode.

  • Demo Account

Bitcoin Code trading platform offers a demo account that walks you through the trading market, this account helps you understand how the trading platform works and no real stakes are involved. With this account, a new trader in the market can learn how to set parameters for trading and how to trade in different cryptocurrencies.

  • Live Trading Account

The live trading account is for traders who feel ready to trade with real funds and the profits on this account are just as real as the losses. A trader on this platform can choose to turn on and let the automated trading bots do all the work for them while all he/she does is check-up now and then how the trading is going. The live trading account also comes with two trading methods which assist mode and manual mode.

The assist mode allows the trader to stay in charge with assistance from the automated trading robots, these bots suggest profitable trades to you from the background but the final say is still yours. The manual mode on the other hand, is for experienced traders who don’t think they need any guidance in the digital money market. They control and influence every trade on their account in the trading platform.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

To make deposits into your account on Bitcoin Code trading, you can access their different payment options which are GeoTrust, PCI, Visa, MasterCard and more. The minimum deposit is $250 and the maximum is $15000 and the payment getaway is secured because all data are encrypted to avoid cyber-attack.

Withdrawal on the site is just as easy as making deposits, once the request for withdrawal is placed, the request is processed between 1 – 3 working days. The withdrawal process is secure, quick and reliable and there is no limit to the number of withdrawals. Sometimes when the payment seems to be taking a while, it is usually the bank taking the time to confirm the made transaction.


  • Does Bitcoin Code have an App?

Bitcoin Code trading platform has an app that makes it better than other trading software, this makes it easier for the users to access the software through their mobile phone and the easy, friendly user interface assures its users of a smooth experience.

  • Are the Brokers on Bitcoin Code Legit?

The brokers used by the Bitcoin Code software are legit as the trading platform partners with several brokerage firms whose aim is to support you in your trading journey.

  • Are there hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges on the trading platform, the software is free to use and the system only charges a small commission for their services when the user makes a profit with their assistance. The members are informed of these charges in the provided terms and condition.


Bitcoin Code trading platform is highly recommended if you choose to use trading software, its success rate and legitimacy sure makes it appealing. The trading software is also easy to use due to its user-friendly interface, fast registration, deposit and withdrawal processes. A wary investor can also use the software to learn the ins and outs of trading with the demo account. Although market trends cannot be completely predicted, Bitcoin Code offers a better chance with its many accurate predictions.

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