When Bitcoin came into play in 2008, a lot of people expected it to pass with time. Against all odds though, Bitcoin Review and many other cryptocurrencies have stood the test of time and have grown to be a big market where traders make it big. Some traders who have earned big in the cryptocurrency market refers to it as a goldmine big enough for everyone, this trading site allows people to invest and make profits daily.

This can be very confusing for a newcomer who doesn’t understand market rates and changes, this is why automated trading robots are created to help traders invest in trades that this auto trading bots predict to be favorable and profitable. But the problem of knowing which auto trading platform to invest with is the issue as many of them are scams and can make you lose your money if traded with.

What Do We Know About Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution is an automated crypto trading robot that is reported to use the number one trading tech in the world to trade cryptocurrencies for its users to make amazing profits. The trading bot is said to predict based on rates in the digital money market and then make trades that are bound to produce great profits because of the advanced algorithms employed.

Reviews and testimonials by traders who have used Bitcoin Evolution are impressive, so it’s safe to say that the trading platform is legit and profitable. Bitcoin Evolution claims that nine out of every trade it makes for a user is profitable but the ratio of loss and profit on the automated trading platform is 1:1000 which means that just as profits can be high, the loss can also be devastatingly high.

Traders testify on the site that they made close to $1000 on the platform with a little deposit of $500 which means a double of their fund was gotten back. The platform also allows the investors to trade one cryptocurrency against another. This trading platform is made available to investors in over 150 countries and it claims its predictions are made within microseconds, therefore any opportunity to make a profit is noted and taken advantage of immediately.

What Features Make Bitcoin Evolution Impressive?

Bitcoin Evolution comes with some important features that make it even more attractive to investors and traders looking for an automated crypto trading robot to trade with.

  • Profitability

Bitcoin Evolution trading software has a high profitability rate as its automated trading bots make their predictions on profitable opportunities, it then presents you with many trading options. It processes data very fast and produces results even faster.

  • Registration Process

The registration process on Bitcoin Evolution is simple yet secure, it simply requires an email address, the user’s name, a password, and a contact number. It requires little information to open an account with Bitcoin Evolution and the whole process takes a few minutes to complete.

  • Variety

Bitcoin Evolution allows the user to trade with a variety of cryptocurrencies, it also allows its investors and traders to trade one cryptocurrency against another. This trading platform goes the extra mile of allowing its users trade in normal currencies like the Canadian Dollar, Euro, Swiss Franc, US dollars and so much more.

  • Customer Support

This automated crypto trading robot provides around the clock customer support for its members, they are available at any hour of any day to assist their users with every inquiry or problem they have. They reply pretty fast to help their members have a smooth experience using the software for trading.

  • Security

Bitcoin Evolution software promises secure trading on its platform, all data are kept confidential between the system and the assigned broker to each account. The payment getaway is also protected and all data are encrypted against scammers and cyber-attacks. The platform also requires little personal information from its users to ensure the privacy of its users on the platform.

What Types Of Accounts Are Offered By Bitcoin Revolution?

Like many other trading platforms out there, Bitcoin Evolution offers a demo account and a live trading account to every user whose account is active on the platform.

  • Demo Trading Account

The provided demo account is optional but recommended as it helps users understand how trading is done on the platform. It is identical to the live trading account except that real money is not needed to trade on the demo account, it shows you what to expect when you go into live trading.

The automated trading robots run on data gathered in the past to give you the feeling of a live trading room. This way, users can test the tide of the market without risking their money.

  • Live Trading Account

This account can only be accessed when you deposit into your account because unlike the demo account, it requires real funds to trade. Here, the trading bot requires you to set parameters for trading before live trading can begin.

The ever-helpful trading platform directs you in that section so you don’t feel lost. On the live account, a broker is assigned to each account and they check out every trade before it is confirmed from users in its operation.

How to Make Deposit and Withdrawals

  • Deposit Process

The process of depositing into an account is smooth and easy, all that is needed are bank details. The platform offers various payment methods that a user can choose from, amongst these provided are Post Pay, Skrills, Visa, MasterCard and so many more.

There are no hidden charges for making deposits and accounts are credited immediately the details are confirmed. The minimum amount required as a deposit on the platform is $250 and the maximum amount allowed is $15000, the user’s discretion is advised in making deposits.

  • Withdrawal Process

Withdrawal from this platform is even easier, once the platform user requests withdrawal, he/she is requested to provide bank account details and the money is transferred within twenty-four hours of the request being made and confirmed.

There are no charges made for the transfer of funds and there are no limitations to amounts that can be withdrawn at once. However, the platform does not allow withdrawal in cryptocurrencies but only in the currency of the country whose account details are provided.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Are there any charges on Bitcoin Evolution?

There are no hidden charges on the Bitcoin Evolution trading platform. It doesn’t charge users for registering on the platform and it takes no commission for profits made on the platform, this is an amazing feature of the trading platform.

  • How much money can I make from Bitcoin Evolution?

Some of the platform’s users boast of close to $10000 profits daily while some boast of $1000 profits daily. The higher the funds invested, the higher the profits that can be earned but risks are equally as high.

  • How fast is Withdrawal on the Site?

Withdrawal of funds on the Bitcoin Evolution software is very fast, the withdrawal option is made available immediately after the completion of pay-out. The process doesn’t exceed 24 hours and there are no charges for withdrawal.


Thousands of users testify to how the Bitcoin Evolution trading platform has helped them increase their profit rates with its advanced algorithm which it uses to make accurate predictions. It serves as a manager for its users’ assets while maximizing its potentials.

The platform invites traders to give it a test run at no fee at all, it is easy to navigate and offers excellent customer service. We can confirm that this trading platform is legit, so the cards are all in your hands if you want to make those profits.

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