In this twenty-first century, digital money is fast taking over the world of business transactions. Everybody is going digital and it started way back in 2008 with the evolution of bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency of the world. The rise of bitcoin gave way to the available trading platform which allows you to earn by investing in this market, it allows you trade in it just as the stocks market.

It can be very stressful though and this is because you have to learn how the market works because with one wrong investment, you can lose all your money. Some brokers can help you make the right decisions as they understand the digital money market better than other people but there’s another option which most people prefer – automated trading robots, this is where Bitcoin Era comes in.

Bitcoin Era’s Reputation

Bitcoin Era was created in 2019 for the sole purpose of helping users make trades that would be profitable to them, it was developed by several companies who stood to gain from the bitcoin market.What the platform does is predict the future of the bitcoin market and then makes trades based on information gathered to earn profits.

Bitcoin Era’s platform is reputed to offer an 80% success rate but because of the absence of transparency concerning the invention of the software, it makes investors a bit wary about the trading platform. Also, the site states that it has won several awards from the US Trading Association but this information is yet to be verified. The investment in the digital money market is a risk all round but some users have reportedly made profits with the help of this automated trading app and that’s good enough to decide that the software is not a scam and is very legit.

Bitcoin Era’s Salient Features

In this article, Xtrgatereview brings you some prominent features which make bitcoin era worth the try and some of them include:

  • Charges

There are no charges whatsoever when using the bitcoin era, it is completely free to use and it requires no commission whatsoever to help out with your trading. Bitcoin Era does all the work for you and at no charge at all.

  • Security

The trading platform promises security and safety of information, its user’s account information is encrypted and therefore, a cyberattack is unforeseen in this trading platform. Since the website is run by automated trading robots, the user’s information is protected from the view of the public and other traders on the platform.

  • Customer Service

The customer service support is amazing as it is available at all hours of the day, the customer service support is always available for a live chat or a call at any time of any day for its users to ask questions relating to trading or their account on the platform. This is meant to assure the users of the platform’s main focus which is fulfilling all their needs on the platform.

  • Variety of Choice

Although this trading platform focuses more on bitcoin review, it also offers a variety of cryptocurrencies its users can choose to trade with. Some of these currencies include Ethereum, altcoin, Ripple and even Litecoin, this allows the platform members to explore their options if they so choose.

  • Verification Process

The verification process of this trading platform is simple yet considered safe. It only requires basic information like the user’s name and credit card information when registering. In compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering law, the Bitcoin software requires the provision of a verified identification card to make withdrawals on the platform.

  • Brokers

The site offers certified brokers through which it directly carries out its operations, these efficient brokers influence the decision of the auto trading robots and can be considered safe as they are available only for the good of the users. Also, Bitcoin Era only offers services to people in countries where it has a certified broker. This means that if the bitcoin era has no broker form your country, then the software would be unavailable to you for your safety.

Account Types

Like many other trading bots, the bitcoin era offers the demo account and the live trading account to its users. The two accounts are made available to the users upon registration.

  • Demo Account

The demo account is fake with real features; it is only meant to demonstrate to the users how the market works as the name implies. It also helps those who are new to the digital money market to learn before fully going into the live trading room. Simply diving into the live trading room can be quite disastrous for a person with no previous experience. Also, the demo account is a way to get acquainted with the trading platform before trusting them to make trading decisions on your behalf. This account is optional for all users but is very recommended to those who are newly testing out the market.

  • Live Trading Account

The live trading account is where all the stakes are completely real, it allows you either give free rein to the automated trading robots to trade on your behalf as they deem fit or you can specify how you want trading to go on your account. By accessing the control panel made available, each user can dictate to the trading bots how they would prefer the robots to trade for them. The losses and profits are completely real in the live trading room and the platform also provides the history of past successful and failed trading operations. The software also allows its users to change the account from demo to live and back as they so choose. On this platform, your account is completely yours to control.

Deposit and Withdrawal Processes

Once a user is done with registration, he/she can then proceed to put in a deposit to begin trading because even though the site is completely free, the software still requires the user to fund the account to begin trading with the help of the available broker. The site offers a variety of payment methods ranging from visa to MasterCard, Skrill and Neteller but it all depends on the broker assigned to your account. Once you fund your account, your trading can begin on the platform.

Withdrawal is also quite easy and secure; the platform members are allowed to move their funds to their bank account if they so wish. This trading platform does not allow payment in cryptocurrencies, those are mainly reserved for trading. To withdraw funds, a user first has to fill the required withdrawal form. The user is then required to provide a valid form of ID before the funds’ transfer can be verified, this is to prevent fraud of any kind. Once all the necessary documents have been verified and the required steps are taken, the trader is required to receive a payment within 36 hours and since no commission or fee is required by the software for trading, each platform member has full access to their complete funds.


  • Is Bitcoin Era Legit?

From information gathered, this site can be considered legit as it has helped users make profits with time. The reputation of the software on the other hand, is very sketchy as most of its claims cannot be verified.

  • Is Bitcoin Era Free?

Bitcoin Era is as free as it gets, it requires no money for registration and has no hidden charges at all. It allows you to withdraw your investments at any time you choose.

  • How Much Can I Invest in Bitcoin Era?

The bitcoin era platform allows only a minimum of $250 investment on its software and a maximum of $15000. The amount invested then depends on the user’s discretion.


There are testimonials from users who have benefitted from this software but it is noteworthy that automated trading robots are not magicians or miracle workers, they cannot guarantee a 100% success rate, they can only try to predict the ever-changing market. Trading is a very risky business but if you’re looking to take that risk, you can take a leap of faith with this trading platform and see where the tide takes you.

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