Coinbase Best Crypto Wallets Review

Crypto currencies took the world by storm ever since they were introduced albeit not everyone was onboard with them initially. As a matter of fact, a large number of people used to think that crypto currencies used to be a scam. They laughed it off acting like it was something that was bound to rip people off from their hard earned money. However, there were a select few people who firmly believed in the fact that crypto currencies indeed had something to offer. These people had no way of knowing whether or not they will get any money by investing in any crypto currency, but they did it anyway.

Initially, a large number of people told them it was a bad idea and that their profits would never come to fruition. However, most of these people chose to stick by their guts and waited to achieve the results that crypto currency investment promised. To offer you a preface, the currency that we are talking about right now is bitcoin. Initially, this crypto currency was the only one available for people to invest in. That being said, after years and years of wait, the patience of investors finally came to fruition. They made a significant sum of money. Some of them even became overnight millionaires, something that they would not have been able to imagine once they made their first investment.

Because of this massive boom, people started to take crypto currency trading really seriously. Even people who shunned crypto currencies in the beginning decided to invest in it. Some of them earned top dollar, while there were others that were left behind. There could be tons of reasons behind people’s failures, however, one thing remains for certain – if you play your cards right when investing or trading, you are bound to make a significant amount of money. In this cryptocurrency review, xtrgatereview will discuss all there is to know about the crypto wallets and which ones are the best in the industry.

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What are Crypto Wallets

Crypto Wallets have been gaining a lot of popularity as of late. People are opting for these wallets to protect their crypto currencies while on the go. Initially, there were no crypto wallets whatsoever. People just used to have brokers. They made investments in it and waited for their returns or profits. However, as time passed, this form of trading became more and more sophisticated. Not only were there more features and functions, there were also modern innovations that helped people to keep their currencies safe.

One of these innovations was the crypto wallets. It is perhaps one of the best things to happen for crypto currencies. As we all know, hacking has been running rampant over the past few years. Hackers are coming up with numerous ways to get people’s data and various other things. This caused a lot of unrest among traders causing them to search for different ways to protect their investments. Fortunately, people discovered that crypto wallets were actually a thing and could help people safeguard their crypto currencies without worrying about losing them through hacking or various other unfortunate scenarios.

For those who are wondering what a crypto currency wallet is, it is essentially a software program that allows you to store public and private keys. It also allows you to interact with a variety of block chains to let you receive and send your preferred digital currency. It also lets you monitor your preferred currency, making sure that you are always in the loop regarding them and always have the necessary updates. So, whether you trade bitcoin, or any other digital currency, getting a digital wallet will come in really handy for you.

How Do these Wallets Work

Crypto currency wallets have gained popularity all over the world; millions of people are using them as of now. That being said, there is tons and tons of misunderstanding about how these wallets work. First off, it is important to keep in mind that these wallets are vastly different from the traditional wallets we carry in our pants. Think of crypto wallets as digital wallets. Contrary to their traditional counterparts, you will not need to store physical currency inside them. As a matter of fact, the currencies will not be present at any single location in physical form. There will only be records regarding your transactions, and these records will be stored safely on block chain.

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Crypto currency wallets are essentially online programs that help people store their private keys and public keys with a variety of block chains. This keeps users updated regarding their balance, allowing them to send money on time and conduct numerous other operations with ease. Once a person sends you bitcoins or other crypto currencies, they are basically signing their coin’s ownership off to the address of your wallet. If you want the ability to spend all of these coins and get all of the necessary funds you will need to use the private key present in your wallet. This private key should match the currency’s public address

If the private and public keys happen to match, your digital wallet’s balance will increase, essentially decreasing the sender’s balance accordingly. That being said, there isn’t any actual real coin exchange. As soon as the transaction happens, its record goes on block chain, and you will notice a change in your crypto currency wallet’s balance.

Best Crypto Wallets

Coin base


This is one of the bet crypto wallets that you will come across. It is primarily for bitcoin. You will be hard pressed to find a bitcoin crypto wallet that is as efficient and user friendly than this one. All you have to do is just buy it and you will be good to go.




While most of you might not have heard of this crypto currency wallet, trezor has been gaining a lot of steam as of late. It entered the crypto wallet game a little later than usual; however, it gained fans all over the world in a very short period of time. What makes this wallet so great is that you can also buy and sell your crypto currency with the greatest of ease. It is simple, effective, and gets the job done in a short period of time.



Just like this crypto wallet’s name suggests, Robinhood started out as a free platform for trading stock. However, as the demand for crypto currency wallets increased, Robinhood decided to enter the crypto wallet landscape. Surprisingly, these wallets were quite excellent; they offer a lot of safety and allow people to carry out their transactions with the greatest of ease.

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Different Crypto Currency Wallets

As in the beginning of this crypto currency review, we discussed that there are various types of digital wallets to store crypto currencies. If you take a closer look at them, you will soon be able to realize that all of these wallets can break down in three separate categories. These categories are paper, hardware, and software. Software wallets can be online, mobile, or desktop.


You might be surprised to find out that there is actually such a thing as hardware crypto currency wallets. They are completely opposite from software wallets as your private keys will be present on a hardware device similar to a USB. While these wallets are more than capable of making online transactions, you have to store them offline. Because of this hardware crypto wallets are a remarkably more secure option. In addition to that, these wallets are more than compatible with a variety of web interfaces, which means that they can support a variety of currencies. It all comes down the wallet type and the brand that you are willing to use. You will also find that making a transaction with these types of wallets is remarkably easy. All you need to do is just plug your device to any type of gadget that has internet, enter your pin, send your currency, and then finally confirm. It is as simple as that. So rest assured, hardware wallets will offer you a ton of convenience to make easy transactions while also making sure that your offline money is completely safe from any type of danger.


Mobile wallets are the type of wallets that run on mobile applications. They are quit useful as users have the luxury of using them whenever and wherever they want to. You can even use these wallets if you are shopping at a retail store. Compared to desktop wallets, mobile wallets are mostly simpler and smaller. Why? because the space available in most mobiles is quite limited.


Online wallets are quite similar to mobile wallets in that they run on cloud. In addition you can access them from wherever you want to, as long as you have a decent computing device with some internet at your disposal. The only downside that online wallets have is the fact that they store all of your private keys online. A third party stores and controls these keys. While these third parties are mostly reliable they could fall prey to theft and hacking attacks.

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Contrary to online and mobile wallets, desktop wallets are only installed and downloadable on laptops and PCs. You can only access these wallets on the computers where you downloaded them. If you are looking for an option that offers the highest possible security level, you would do no wrong by choosing this option. That being said, you could lose all of your investments and finds if a malicious virus enters your computer or if your device gets hacked.

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