Dash FAQs

What is Dash?

Dash is another form of cryptocurrency. It is on the same lines as that of bitcoin. Like bitcoin, Dash also has a mining network. However, there are a few things that set DASH apart. One of the most important differentiating factors is the fact that it has the unique Masternode network. This is perhaps similar to bitcoin Fullnode and but those who have used it believe that it comes with extra power. This fullnode has been named as DarkCoin. They did rebranding and it went off quite well.

How Does Proof of Stake Benefit The Customers

Those who go in for these masternodes have to put down a 1000 Dash Stake. This is again unique and safe because it prevents any attacker from getting in the network, infiltrating it successfully and causing any sort of minor or major problems. However, there is a catch when it comes to buying masternodes and it calls investing big money that may not always be possible new traders. There is a need for buying big amount of Dash and only then will it be possible to have stock of the right numbers of masternodes. Without masternodes it will be impossible to launch the right strikes. This is where the role of Proof of Stake comes into play in more ways than one.

What Facilities Are Offered by These Masternodes

There are some more reasons as to why these Masternodes are becoming so very popular. For example they offer instant payment options and that within 5 seconds. This goes a long way in making Dash ready for use on a daily basis which otherwise may not have been possible. It also comes with other useful and features like anonymous sending. This is an option facility that is offered by Dash. Thorough this feature it is possible to use the private send facility and this goes a long way in keeping transactions and sends anonymous at all points in time.

What About Governance?

Dash comes with a well known and well operated treasury. The treasury is well managed by professionals. 10% of the transaction fees and mined income is segregated and moved to the Dash treasury. The amount varies and depends on transaction fees and mined income. However, approximately a sum of around $250,000 a month is transferred to the treasury. This is big money and the same is used quite effectively for development, marketing and other such activities that generate more business over a period of time.

Is It Legitimate?

There are many reasons as to why the whole operation of Dash can be considered legitimate. The money is used for marketing and other activities that could eventually lead to increased business and revenue. The masternodes are given a chance to vote and decide as to how the budget has to be allocated. They are also allowed to stay away from paying the original developers if they not deliver on the promises and contracted undertakings. Hence, this goes a long way in making the developers accountable and also ensuring that the development process is ongoing and it continues in the right earnest.

How Much Interest Can Be Earned?

When you invest in masternodes through Dash, you do get a sizeable return on your investments. While the returns could vary it has been found that on an average the returns would be around 8% when you make the right kind of investments into the masternode. Apart from the returns, you are also allowed to vote if you so feel. You are also free to take the money out at any time. Therefore, you are sure that the money is not locked and the interests earned on your investments are paid to you regularly.

Are They Positive & Proactive

 . They are proactive and positive and have an eye to the future. They have a very competent and capable development team. They are ready to address a lot of issues. As we speak, it is quite possible that they are adding a number of changes. For example, DASH is incorporating the latest and most modern BITCOIN updates in their Dash Code. This goes a long way in giving the customers a lot of confidence and they are reasonably sure that they are on the right track. They believe that DASH makes their solutions compatible with Bitcoin. However, there are some areas where they are able to be different when compared to Bitcoin. They have taken lessons from some weaknesses of Bitcoin and have been able to address the various weaknesses and issues associated with Bitcoin.

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