XTRgate review

As any experienced crypto trader will tell you, the broker you pick can make a huge difference. Get on board with the wrong broker, and you might as well be flushing money down the toilet. But with the right broker, you can step up your crypto trading game, allowing you to walk away with handsome earnings – provided you have the right strategy.

With crypto trading being a lucrative market that is seeing major growth, many companies have popped up claiming to be the right fit for aspiring traders. Needless to say, many well-meaning people have been scammed. That is why we regularly review these firms to tell you which ones are safe and which ones are not.

This brings us to XTRgate. Being a new firm, you might have questions, and we have the answers you are looking for. By the end of this XTRgatereview, you will have a clear picture of whether you can trust this broker with your money or if you should avoid them like the plague.

Is XTRgate a Scam?

The first sign that you are dealing with scammers is that they don’t post any information about their registration. While writing this XTRgatereview, we found out that XTRgate is owned and operated by Altos Group Ltd and is registered in the Dominican Republic. What’s more, the company even has a physical address that further tells you that they are real and can be located.

The moment you sign into the website, you will notice that you are protected with SSL encryption. You can see this by the presence of a lock icon on the right of the address bar. This means that you can enter any sensitive information without worrying that it will get into the wrong hands. If the website didn’t have SSL encryption, your modern browser would have warned against entering any of your personal or financial information.

They also regularly scan the website for weaknesses and have extensive know your customer (KYC) policies that ensure no one but you can have access to your account. There is really no reason to think a firm that goes through so much trouble to keep you safe is trying to scam you.

What Is Trading Like on XTRgate?

Now that you know XTRgate aren’t trying to scam you, you might be wondering what trading with them is like. The most important thing to know is that you won’t be using popular crypto trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 and 5. However, you will be using their very own custom-built trader, which is intuitive and lacks nothing that the other platforms offer.

But before you start trading with them, you need to sign up for your very own XTRgate trading account. This is something that can be done in these four easy steps (no registration fee required):

  • Head on over to the website and navigate to the registration page.
  • Fill your details, such as name, email, phone number and country of residence.
  • After you agree to the terms and conditions, click the “Sign Up” button.
  • You will then get an email telling you to verify your account and then you’re in.

Once your account is up and running, you are ready to make your first deposit, which is another easy process (more on this later).

What Does XTRgate Offer Traders?

When joining any website, it is prudent to check what benefits it provides you as a trader. In this XTRgatereview, we found that XTRgate offers some great and unique features compared to other brokers. Here are a few things that stand out about this broker:

Over 40 Cryptocurrency Pairs

With 40+ cryptocurrency pairs to trade with, there is limitless trading potential with XTRgate. For example, the most popular cryptocurrency on the planet, Bitcoin, can be traded with a variety of crypto and fiat currencies. These pairs include Bitcoin-USD, Bitcoin-GDP, Bitcoin-EUR, Bitcoin-Litecoin and Bitcoin-Tether.

But Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency XTRgate is offering. Others include Tether, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Dash. This ensures that you have a diverse portfolio of trading assets that you can sell and exchange with ease. This is what we liked the most about this broker.

Low Spreads and High Leverage

The lower the spread, the better, and we were amazed to find spreads as low as zero for many of the cryptocurrency pairs. Many people will find this too good to be true, but low spreads are the name of the game when trading with this broker. On top of that, the leverage can be quite high. Usually, you will come across leverages like 1:2 or 1:5, with the maximum leverage being 1:20.

When signing up with a broker, this is the ideal situation you want to be in: low spreads and high leverage. And just when we thought it couldn’t get better, we found out that XTRgate does not charge any commission whatsoever.

Various Account Types

XTRgate caters to various traders, whether they are reserved with their money or want to go all out. To that end, they have provided five account types: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. This allows you to choose the account type you want based on your needs. The minimum you need to get started is the Basic account, which has a minimum deposit of 500 USD, EURO or GDP.

Each account type comes with a number of features (Basic has fewer features than the rest). All account types come with 24/6 support, an education centre, daily market review and pro webinars. The top-tier accounts have the most features, such as price alerts, account manager and 1-on-1 trading trainer.

Education Center

XTRgate strongly emphasizes that partnership is the best way to succeed on its platform. That is why they have worked hard to provide you with educational material, allowing you to really dive deep into various aspects of crypto trading. On the website, you will find educational resources, ranging from helpful guides to full-on video courses.

It is worth mentioning in this XTRgatereview, that you will need these materials, especially if you are new to crypto trading. There are dedicated to instilling you with the necessary skills and experience it takes to make you the trader you want to be.

What Is Banking Like With XTRgate?

Since this a platform that deals with finances, the banking needs to be on point. We first looked into making deposits and found that you basically have three main ways to add money to your trading account. These are credit/debit cards (a majority of the cards are supported), bank wire and e-wallets.

Withdrawing is a simple process as well. All you have to do is submit a withdrawal request (it should include an ID, withdrawal method and proof of address). Once the request has been processed, usually within a day, you should expect to access your earnings within three working days.

We tested this out and we indeed found that it really does take three working days to get your money. The most we had to wait was five days, but this was not the norm. Considering what we have seen out there (others take 15 days), this broker is quick to give you access to your money.

Withdrawing using a credit/debit card or e-wallet is free. However, if you withdraw via bank wire, you will be charged $30 so XTRgate can process your withdrawal request. The best part about making withdrawals is that there is no minimum withdrawal amount you need to make in order to request your money. Any amount is eligible to be withdrawn (just make sure you have made at least $30 before requesting a bank wire).

What Is Their Customer Service Like?

We have dealt with a number of incompetent customer service representatives in our time, and it can be frustrating. But we are happy to report that you won’t face such problems with XTRgate. Their customer service is the best and can help with anything you need in the shortest amount of time. They are available 24/6 for you.

To contact them, they have provided you with a number of options. The recommended method of getting in touch with them is through their live chat option since it is quick and easy. However, you can also use email and phone to get a hold of them. Once you speak to their customer service, you will realise you’re dealing with a company that cares about you and is not a scam.

XTRgatereview Conclusion

In this XTRgatereview, we have talked about XTRgate. We have eliminated all concerns that they are a scam while also discussing how trading with them is like, as well as their offerings, banking and customer service. It is easy to see that they have a lot of good things going on that make crypto trading with them the best experience.

Special mention definitely has to go to their commission-free low spreads and high leverage, excellent banking and exceptional customer support. With XTRgate, you get more than just scam-free crypto trading, you also get a true partner that has your best interests and needs at heart.